Issues with getting IP resolved on a DNS request

Here’s an interesting issue, solved though.

Client calls in. My internet’s broken.
Run the usual checks:
Proxy: Nup.
Virus: Nup.
Firewall: Nup.
Modem Online: Yep.
Modem has IP: Yep.
Computer is turned on: Yep.
Computer has IP in same range as Modem: Yep.
Computer can access modem: Yep.
DNS resolution works: Nup.
Pinging IP works: Yep.
Check Hosts file for edits: Nup.
Check DNS server for returning wrong IP: Nup.
Something else is returning wrong IP!

Check nslookup, it queries the modem, times out.

Weird. Tell client to bugger off, go have dinner, and I’ll call him back.

Of interest here was the link that Google was resolving to I immediately thought was ‘unique’ compared to ‘name resolution failed’, so dug a little deeper, and .. used Google (not at to find some more information out.

Read a thread on a ubuntu forum that suggests IPv6 is the issue, but works from Windows… Yeh right.

Client is running Windows, having similar error.
So, I decide, we’ll call client after he has eaten, and talk him through checking for IPv6, sure enough, it was installed.

Get him to Uninstall it, and viola, fixed.

How to uninstall IPv6 ?
Click Start, go to Control Panel.
Open Network Connections.
Right click your Local Area Connection, choose Properties.
In the properties list, find IPv6 and select it, push Uninstall.
Answer the following question with a Yes.
And, when prompted to restart, do exactly that. Restart.

Viola, all works fine. Now to contact Exetel and tell them to not investigate the automated phone line fault.. It’s fixed now!

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