Internode change plan prices, users outraged.

That’s right.

Internode have had to raise prices on plans, from around $5 to $40 to reflect the true costs in supplying those plans. That’s fair if you ask me. They’ve basically gone downhill for a while, and a rise to recoup losses from high speed abusive users is certainly in order.

Can’t be in business if you are giving products away, right?

Well, looking at some of the responses to the news, it seems a lot of users expect their product to be the same price, even if it is a loss making product!

I suppose they could do that. Leave it making a loss for a few months, and when they’ve made all the loss they can handle and have to close doors, leave the users stranded.

Stranded, offline, no ISP to go to that offers plans or service at the desired level they have come to expect.

That’d wash down nicely wouldn’t it?

The comment that I found most amazing was this:
i find it strange one of the g9 members raise their pricing and piss of a whole heap of customers when they are trying to win over the public ??

From a whirlpool user, named drahcir, located here:

The company wasn’t actually trying to piss off a whole heap of customers at all, in fact, I imagine the change would be happily accepted by a lot of customers affected, and those that are affected heavily will move to another ISP, who will either raise prices to cope with their bandwidth abuse, or become another Wild, or under provision links to the extent where customers can’t get full speed at all on their own ADSL2+ network, cough, Netspace, cough.

I think that Internode are leaders in the ISP market.

They provision links to cover capacity, and monitor links.

They monitor their equipment and rectify outages quickly, whilst keeping customers informed.

They don’t limit customers to Off Peak usage, although, I love this in ISPs. It’s a great value added feature, and I think Internode SHOULD take it up. So what if some don’t like it, others WILL, and it will help them balance the network better for those that don’t care either way. Should send that off to Simon for his 2cents.

I still don’t see a need for users to tear Internode apart for what is a “fair” increase. If you don’t like the changes, leave, .. if you can find a better deal from an ISP that is not likely to go out of business, and from an ISP that has technicians that know how to manage a network (no finger pointing).

I would be an Internode customer, if only three things, they give Off Peak usage, it’s a value added option for me, it provides cheaper prices and helps balance links, and they have free PIPE usage, and I wasn’t locked in contract with Netspace.

I would move on the free PIPE idea, because I know they have free streaming anyway.

I would more likely move to ADSL2+, when Long Jetty gets it. Seemingly still taking a fair bit of time to even get a mention in the Let’s Go PDF, and I know there’s some Whirlpoolians that want it too. And we still have 49 results in Google for Long Jetty +ADSL, so again, there’s want for it, it’s just waiting on an ISP to fill in the missing gap, a DSLAM in Long Jetty exchange!

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