iiNet New Plans: Shocking, OzVoIPStatus changes

iiNet’s value for money continues to be diluted as the company gathers more customers.

The newer plans from iiNet offer very poor value, and aren’t really that competitive. But they are still better compared to Telstra, and that’s a bonus all over.

I guess they might be playing the “Brand name” card, considering they’ve got themselves well known in various areas, for example, a while ago, we had a bank issue, went to the bank, and the lady who served us also said she was with iiNet.

Well, we are no longer with them, they shafted me on customer service once, but the new plans were something I was waiting on to see if value improved for the remaining 2 customers that are to move away from iiNet the moment contracts are finished and the market shows a little more certainty on where the better deals are going to be for faster speeds.

On an unrelated note, OzVoIPStatus just got some sections smashed out of it. I know, it looks.. minimalistic, and poor (the provider pages) at the moment, but that’s not entirely intentional, as I plan to basically figure out a new layout for that page, and some better data to place there, in a more logical manner.

The idea would be to basically list them as a “Provider” and not just highlight their monitoring statistics (though the sites original intention was to be solely statistics, I’ve been wanting to, and have been branching it out).

Unfortunately, finding time to smack code together in a straight row involves a few things:

1. Finding time to actually do it.
2. Remembering when I have time to do it.
3. Figuring out the path for it.
4. Actually doing it.

Now, by the time I get to number 2, there’s something else shoved in my face, and whilst my editor remains open to continue work on that section, opening it, and continuing work on it sometimes goes waiting for a while, as I work on other tasks.

For example, a task I just got stuck back into today, was a task I started .. a while back, I think the month was December, and the year wasn’t 2006 – i think.

Anyway, it’s been idle for sometime, and recently the priority of that task moved to 1, and that’s what I got stuck into :).

The good news for OzVoIPStatus is I do have a feature ready to release (i think), I simply need to upload, and obviously create a page outlining how to use it, I can then go back to the other feature, and the other set of features I still have in mind for the site. It’s intended to be continually updated, however, I can’t seem to set aside the time for it constantly.

I’m also waiting on some fantastic data from one of the nice Aussie providers on the list, and hopefully that data will kick off yet another set of features.

I’ll also have to sit down and finish checking which providers are actually online (have visible servers), and add those, and it doesn’t stop there, I have to go and check all the Plan Search data, and compile a new set of plan search data for all providers (now the list is more … extensive) and get those plans searchable.

Oh, someone asked a bit back why ISPhone was no longer monitored: They emailed me and asked. I posted a news story about that. They claim to be primarily wholesale, and would rather not be monitored.
Can’t monitor them if they aren’t willing, don’t really want to annoy any companies out there!

On that note now, expect more, a lot more, just when I get around to it.

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