HOWTO: Configure a Linksys SPA-3102 ATA to a VoIP Provider on ADSL

Here’s a full guide on how to setup a Linksys SPA-3102 VoIP ATA to use a VoIP Provider for ADSL Connections, step by step.

Place the SPA-3102 in a place that’s convienient for you, generally next to your ADSL modem is ideal.

Here is how everything connects, looking at it from a view of Phone socket, down:
The phone socket connects to a double adapter.
The double adapter splits the phone line into two, one for ADSL, the other for your SPA-3102 ATA.
Plug the lead from the ADSL modem into one port of the double adapter.
Plug another lead from the other port of the double adapter into an ADSL filter.
Plug a network cable into the Internet Port of the SPA-3102 ATA into the Modem / Router.
Note, if you have a single port ADSL modem, unplug your computer, and plug it into the Ethernet port of the SPA-3102.
Plug a regular phone handset into the Phone port of the SPA-3102.

Finally, power the device on.

Now, the device needs to be configured.

Pick up your handset and dial ****.
Dial 110#, and listen for a series of numbers, write this detail down (or get yourself a notepad window).
Dial 7932#
Dial 1#
Dial 1
Place the phone back on its hook.

Plug a lead from the ADSL line filter into the Line port of the SPA-3102.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Next, open your web browser. In the address bar, type http://, followed by the IP address of the SPA-3102, followed by “/advanced”. eg.

On the Router Tab, click Wan Setup, and choose DHCP from the connection types list.
On the Router Tab, click Lan Setup, and choose Bridge from the connection types list (important for those who only have a 1 port modem / router, not a bridged modem however).

In the address bar, type (using example IP address above):
You can do exactly the same by clicking the Voice Tab, choosing Admin Login, choosing Advanced.

Click the Regional Tab, and enter the following settings in Call Progress, for each of the fields:
Dial tone: 400@-19,425@-19,450@-19;10(*/0/1+2+3)
Busy Tone: 425@-19;10(.375/.375/1)
Reorder Tone: 425@-19,425@-29;60(.375/.375/1,.375/.375/2)
Ring Back Tone: 400@-19,425@-19,450@-19;*(.4/.2/1+2+3,.4/2/1+2+3)
MWI Dial Tone: 400@-19,425@-19,450@-19;2(.1/.1/1+2);10(*/0/1+2)

Scroll down some more, to find Distinctive Ring Patterns, and edit as below:
Ring1 Cadence: 60(.4/.2,.4/2)

Scroll down some more, find Miscellaneous, and edit:
FXS Port Impedence: 220+820||115nF or 220+820||120nF
DTMF Playback Length: .25
Time Zone: GMT+11:00

Click “PSTN Line” near the top of the page.

Find PSTN Disconnection Detection, and edit:
Disconnect Tone: 425@-30,425@-30;1(.375/.375/1+2)

Find International Control, and edit:
FXO Port Impedance: 220+820||120nF
PSTN to SPA Gain: 3
On-Hook Speed: 26ms (Australia)

Click the Line 1 Tab, near the top of the page.

Scroll to Proxy and Registration, and edit (your settings replaced from your provider):
Proxy: Enter Proxy Server Address
Outbound Proxy: Enter Proxy Server Address
Use Outbound Proxy: Yes (if your provider supports it)
Register: Yes
Register Expires: 1800 (30 minutes is better, ensures you are always registered to receive calls, the lower, the better).
Use DNS SRV: no (if your provider supports it, use it).
Proxy Fallback Intvl: 1800 (see Register Expires).
Use OB Proxy in Dialog: yes

.. The other settings should be fine as “No”, but if your provider supports it, “yes” is good.

Scroll to Subscriber Information, and edit:
Display Name: Your Name (this name can appear on Caller ID for SIP to SIP calling on the same network as well (in some cases)).
User ID: User ID (your user ID)
Password: passw0rd (your password)
Use Auth ID: yes (most providers support Auth ID, those that don’t should set to no).
Auth ID: User ID (its nearly always user ID).

Scroll to Audio Configuration, edit:
Preferred Codec: G729
DTMF Tx Method: AVT, if dial tone systems, such as Push 1 for X, don’t work, change to AVT+INFO.
Hook Flash Tx Method: AVT

Scroll to Dial Plan, edit:
Dial Plan, depending where you are located, and what calls you want to send anywhere, you’ll edit this to:
(*xx.|000S0@< :gw0>|< :02>[4689]xxxxxxx|0[23478]xx.|1[38]x.< :@gw0>|< **1:>xx.< :@gw0>)

This dial plan allows NSW same state dialling, dialling other states and mobiles, sends 13, 1300, 1800 numbers to your land line, and allows prefixing calls with **1 to go through PSTN line, sends 000 to the PSTN, and allows use of * feature codes.

Scroll to the end of the page, click the “Submit All Changes” button, and enjoy the ATA, which should now be perfectly operational.

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23 Responses to HOWTO: Configure a Linksys SPA-3102 ATA to a VoIP Provider on ADSL

  1. coelho says:

    Well I am using a SPA 3102-EU with a PAP2T .
    The SPA receives the PSTN phone line then it sends throw a wireless router and then the PAP2T receives it by its conection to a wireless AP. I can make good phone calls from the PAP2T throw PSTN, but I need to make internal phone calls. Example : Phone call from Line 1 of PAP2T to SPA3102 Line 1.
    How do I configure this?


  2. Bill says:

    I have a similar setup (PSTN not connected) in NSW at my brothers place. Any time I call him, there is one way audio (I can hear him). If he calls me one way audio (he can hear me). Any idea how to correct this issue. Thanks

  3. bunty says:

    thanks for this guide.

  4. Morgan says:


    You seem to know a lot so I thought I might ask you.

    I have my SPA3102 set up with iiNet and for the most part it works really well. Only problem is that it cuts out after 10 minutes everytime.

    Any ideas?

  5. jlocky says:

    Hi Bill – I am using TPG internet and they obviously arent interested in helping as they want to supply their own modem. I use a Netcomm NB5Plus4W. The 3102 ATA is only connected to PC for configuration as I connect via wireless for internet. Assuming there is no probs just connecting ATA to the modem via LAN and not having it connected to PC for normal VOIP use.

    I have set everything up but registration state keeps failing and I only get a busy dial tone when I attempt to call. Any ideas?

  6. markreed says:

    new user on sattilite brd band like 2 connect viop some one recamended linksys spa3102ata can anyone help me

    thanks mark

  7. Cheryl says:

    I have recently gone over to VOIP with iinet and after 4 weeks and many phone calls to iinet support still do not have the landline. Have had a technician come out, all connected up correctly, then Telstra to check connection from house, all OK, then a new Linksys gateway SPA3102-AU connected, still nothing. All the configuration checked by iinet. I am using a Belkin F5D8636au4A. I am going mental! Can anyone make any USEFUL suggestions.

  8. Keerthi says:


    I’m with iinet. My main problem is that I don’t know how to figure out how many rings to set before it goes to voicemail and gets disconnected. Any ideas?

    Also, I have this issue where when I dial through x-lite it’s instant. But through the spa, it takes a few jittery sounds for 2-3 seconds before the dialtone becomes stable and I can ring. And it takes ages before things get connected through. This doesn’t happen on x-lite though.

  9. Matt says:

    hi, – great guide – thanks!

    i’m wondering if i get an spa3102, and i plug it into my home phone line, can i make those calls go to a phone like a linksys spa942 or other voip phone?

  10. Lawrie says:

    and thanks for the website.
    I have the above ata conected to a dynalink atr 1205w to iinet.
    I can get it to work for about 10 min then it goes off.
    on reading the info on the ata its says failed to register
    so I turn of the router and reboot it and I have a connection on the
    phone again. After a few minutes the internet connection will drop out
    and then on reconnecting the ata voip connection is gone.
    Any ideas on the cause of this
    Many thanks

  11. Drop the registration time out to 120 seconds and see if that sorts it.
    If your internet is dropping out though, you need to get that fixed.

  12. Bill says:

    Thanks heaps for all the info on setting up an SPA3102 VoIP router. Everything worked a treat.
    Calls both in and out are clear and quite loud with no echo. I’m new to VoIP so I’m really impressed with the way it works. Along with the SPA3102 router, I’m running a D-Link DSL-502T ADSL modem, and a D-Link DIR-300 wireless router. All hooked up OK after a bit of mucking around, but it’s great now. Thanks again.

  13. Ehab says:

    i have two spa3102 (A Cairo & B Toronto) , PSTN of (A) is connected to internal central extenstion, i can call any ext. in the central from voip (B) and i can get the the externak PSTN line by dialing 9, but my problem is when i dial external Number i always get busy tone.
    Any help is appreciated.

  14. daniel hardy says:

    can anyone help me connect my spa 3120 to a wrt120n that i have recently bought i need the 3120 to make phone calls as i live in a remote area , and need the wrt120n to link the other computers i have .

  15. Paul Tran says:


    I follow dial plan on spa 3120, local and mobile calls are working fine, however the 13, 1300 or 1800 number are not working. The ISP I am with is TPG. Could you see if any thing else I am missing or not correctly follow from your past experience.


  16. Rangam says:

    I was using SPA 3120 for making my PSTN calls thrugh VOIP and it was working ( aussie broadband). Now I have changed ISP to TPG and unable to register though I used all the settings as suggested. TPG does not help to configure. It worked once but failed then. I then applied factory configuration to SPA 3102 and re configured. but not registering. not sure about the dial plan also.

    any advice.

  17. Netbone China says:

    Excellent weblog right here! Also your website lots up very fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate hyperlink to your host? I desire my web site loaded up as fast as yours lol

  18. Bill says:

    I have a company supplied Cisco (303) IP phone, the problem I have is that my modem is at other end of the house from my office. I order a WBP54G v2 wireless bridge adapter for phone and a SPA 3102 VOip router. I am unsure of the settings in the router to make them communicate with each other. I have gone through the bridge adapter setup via the cd that came with it and when it comes to making connection, I can not get the software to refresh through CPU. Does anyone out there have any help?? 🙁

  19. Pingback: Adventures in VOIP (Part 1) - Two plus Three

  20. Andrew Bat says:


    Can anyone tell me how to get OUTGOING caller id to work.

    I have set it through my Voip Providers portal…but still nothing.

    Any suggestions re SPA 3102 setup….

    Again, not for incoming calls….but for my number to be shown when dialling out.


  21. Mark says:

    Worked great. Dial tone and such are different but works well.

  22. PaulineSmall says:

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  23. Scott says:

    Will always reset my spa3102 to info on this page. it is very helpful

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