How to rot a tree stump?

After having our tree chopped down, I wanted to get rid of the stump, but paying nearly $600 for that isn’t an option right now, so I hunted out alternatives.

Nitrogen and water are the best from what options we do have (soaking in kerosene being a very close second). So, we have the cow manure (very rich in nitrogen), and we have water – about 1500L of it in the rainwater tanks.

Today, I drilled out numerous holes in the stump and the larger roots, more of a random layout than the planned ‘cubing’ of peices to make attacking with an axe manageable, but oh well.

After drilling the holes, I soaked the area with water to make it a near swamp, once done, cow manure was applied liberally to the stump and root surrounds. Once complete, more water was added.

A tarp applied to the top of the area, and some of the tree branches and some rocks used to weigh it down, hold it in place.Watch Brothers (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

When the sun comes up tomorrow and hits that, it should have a good amount of rotting going on in the stump, and late afternoon, add more water to keep the swamp a ‘swamp’, and the stump should suffer from a lot of rot in some sort of time frame (I want weeks instead of months).

Will have to keep at it to get the desired level land though!

Our chickens (“Schnitzel, Roast, Roll and Satay”) are going to have to wait some more, the stump is in the way of the planned chicken run.

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