Hosting Control Panel: No bandwidth reporting

A few months or so ago, I mentioned that I planned on setting up a web hosting server for select websites only.

Well, that hasn’t really progressed, and if anything, it’s actually gone backwards.

Just tonight however, I was testing out the features of a control panel I started with, and one of those features was a report on Bandwidth Usage.

I figure I’ll be able to use this to determine if anything is really pulling down the bandwidth or if they are mostly idle.

I test this out, and determine that it simply doesn’t want to show me the bandwidth calculations! I’ve tried upgrading the panel, I’ve tried adding more calculations, and it just doesn’t want to report on bandwidth consumption.

Luckily, I run another tool that’ll show me bandwidth usage as a whole, but it won’t break it down by domain, which is a pain.

I did a search all through the forum they have for users, and many have had similar issues, and they’ve either done what I have done, and that solved it, or, they’ve done what I’ve done, it hasn’t solved it, and they haven’t had any support beyond that.

I’ve gone and updated to the absolute latest, and you guessed it, still no calculations on bandwidth usage.

I remain unsure what the cause of it is, and there is little out there to explain what the issue is, aside from the conclusion: It’s a good thing the software I am running is the free version.

Bandwidth calculation is a pretty core part of a control panel when it comes to web hosting, for it to be broken seemingly defies the point in running it as part of a control panel (espiecially in Australia where bandwidth prices are ridiculous).


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