Greens make a mark on poll.

The election is just 12 days around the corner as I look at my watch and see the date is the 12th of November.

The next 12 days in my opinion should show even more campaign toughness for my vote. I’m still undecided, though still Liberal supporting when I think of Labor with Telstra (who should also be their own political party).

Just following through the thread on Whirlpool (private lounge), where Labor leads still at 58%. Earlier today however, the Greens were bringing up second place.

The other day I was talking about the election with an MSN friend, and one response I was given was funnily a similar response that I got from a few others in the days / weeks earlier.

His response was along the lines of don’t vote for the bastards, just vote for the greens, they won’t get in.

Now when you consider his response, and compare that to the SAME / SIMILAR responses I got from others, you might see a trend forming.

If everyone voted Greens, we’d end up with a Greens government, which defys the point in voting for them to throw your vote away to start with. If everyone did exactly that, throw the vote away by voting Greens, we will funnily enough, see a Greens government.

The poll on Whirlpool had Labor first, Greens second and the Coalition third.

This has changed recently, and is still close with just 1.1% between the Coalition 2nd place, and the Greens in third.

But, that poll means nothing when you look at’s poll. The current results of it are 53% Howard, 46% KRudd.

The sample size of the poll is significant, at 18724 votes registered.

That poll removes any certainly around a KRudd win, and so, I would recommend holding any bets, until something looks more certain.

I don’t think many can picture Kevin Rudd in the Prime Minister’s seat. You just don’t see it.

But, I do agree it is time for a change, to at least keep the parties on their toes to make sure that all promises they make they will be held to, and a change of government can happen in just one day (and several weeks of campaigning leading up to it).

Will we see a Greens government? Probably not, as many are not going to just vote Greens to throw the votes away, but, will we see a Rudd government? I’m not 100% sure. Do I want a Rudd government? I’m still not 100% sure what he will give me the others won’t.. If anything?


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