Government spends $1m on broadband campaign

A recent news article has come to my attention that the government plans to spend $1m ($1,000,000) or one million dollars, on a campaign with only ONE goal.

It’s not the goal of promoting broadband’s benefits and cost savings to consumers, it’s not the website they established to outline metro comparable plans for Australians.

It’s sole purpose? According to the news article, to shoot down Labor’s plan, and promote the Government’s plan.

What a fantastic waste of $1 MILLION dollars. There’s a lot that can be done with that money, a lot more.

Why not simply just promote BroadbandNow, and keep it updated and refreshed and ensure it becomes a resource that the marketing dollars spent will win over, and over again?

Why not simply state the facts behind Telstra’s war on regulation?

Why is this coming from Tax Payer funds? Why aren’t they installing ADSL2+ and competing backhaul to my suburb with those tax payer dollars? Why are they spending money on something the majority of the public can get off their own asses and use Google to find out for themselves, or better, why aren’t they sending them here, where they can get the best mix of news :P?

It doesn’t take $1 million to shoot down the ALP plan, the ALP plan doesn’t seem workable at all really.

They have the right idea, that’s true, that is, going into a public, private partnership to ensure that technologies are rolled out to Australians in a manner that promotes open competition.

Where they have the wrong idea is that they will be putting money into something that wouldn’t reach as far as they want it to, and further, taking money from the Future Fund, which more tax payer dollars, and revenue from the network would be needed to replenish that fund.

There’s a lot the current government can spend a million dollars on, but a campaign that has one goal, winning the election, doesn’t seem like the right move.

If anyone is voting for the ALP, based solely on broadband, and not based on fiscal manangement, or based on health care, or based on actions (yeh, I know, the current government need a foot in the arse too), they really need their right to vote removed.

Simply if you are voting for the ALP, you are voting for the eventual return to a economy that is funded primarily by debt, taxes rises in 4 years when they get the boot due to tax increases, and a proposal that sees only 70% or so of Australian’s getting the proposed broadband service.

Is the likely deduction from Health Care, or Education worth it?

Actually, here’s a little peice I’ll add here. Education. It really could use a $1 million dollar boost.

Let me just be short, without naming anyone specifically, or any particulars, that the current educational environment for those after high school in NSW, absolutely rates below average in my words.

$1 million might not fix it up completely, but it’d be a start to ensuring that the education system deployed currently gets a much needed workover, and much more advancement.

The next step where $1 million could be better spent is fixing the issues providing problems to many Australian’s. For me, a key issue is the broadband service that I am forced to pay through the roof for, for many others, health care will rate as an issue, such as Dental Care being Medicare funded, and the state of the water supply in many areas, or perhaps the issues that are being dealt with in the communities in NT, or perhaps the roads that need a upgrade over the country.

$1 million, a lot of money. It’s going to flyers to slam the ALPs broadband campaign, that only the ignorant would fall for.


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