GoogleCode, GoogleMoon, GoogleSearch, GoogleEarth.. and now…

… Presenting the next possible Google, GoogleCable.

Google are believed to be investing in a undersea cable running over the Pacific Ocean. The cable project, which apparently has a project name of “Unity” is expected to be completed and launched in 2009.

There’s no direct confirmation from Google about the GoogleCable, however, it does make perfect strategic sense to do that and provide itself with a advantage, as it would be able to source all data off the network at.. well cost, where as MSN and Yahoo, and all those other sites on the internet have to pay to get the data users so seek to them.

The Cable Route isn’t direct to Australia however, and doesn’t have a plan set in concrete yet, however, it is possible it will go to Guam and Hawaii in two seperate links to allow for diversity from those two points.

The news doesn’t deliver exceptional news for Australia yet, because the cable would need to be landed in Sydney before Australian’s benefitted from any such cable.

The news adds to a list of cables likely to be heating up the oceans, with PIPE and Telstra also releasing cables.

PIPEs cable is so far looking like it will be going ahead and completed in 2009. The proposal is to take traffic from Sydney to Guam, and at Guam connect with VSNL for connectivity through asia and through to the USA as well.

Telstra is planning also to run its own cable through to Hawaii, and plans for its cable are apparently expected to be live in Mid 2008, which gives them around 9 months to complete the cable and have it lit.

Telstra’s cable is designed to be a cost saving incentive, shifting costs from the SXC cables to its own, and after placing its own cable, obviously there’s no costs on a monthly basis, but there is the cost of buying the cable, which should in realistic terms pay for itself within a year or two, and see better returns for shareholders after there.

The problem is for Telstra, the returns will likely only offset damage done in other areas of its business.

PIPE on the other hand with its cable going live, would see a great move with Google as a possible link in to the US as well, and therefore more cost effective connectivity and price reductions for consumers.

The key cost saving would be in getting the cable IN THE WATER from Australia to any international nation with connectivity, and that would see ISP costs drop and therefore services become more value added.


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