FTTF: Is it coming soon?

Fibre to the Farmyard.

Naturally, I think it’s a common place belief that it isn’t coming to a farmyard at all, because Fibre is expensive to deploy, and is overkill for current and anticipated future requirements for farmers.

But, it is important to note that a recent survey by the ACMA found that 35% of the wheat, beef, lamb, wool, corn, milk, well, food producing farmers, are not satisfied with performance of mobile phone services.

25% of farmers were also unhappy with internet services, complaining of poor speeds. But they shouldn’t expect far much more, because as I mentioned in opening, they aren’t getting a fibre cable dropped into the barn anytime soon, it’s not viable, even for greedy Telstra.

Their metro high-fibre diet metro counterparts on the other hand have generally expressed that they are satisfied with their services, after 81% of the people contacted confirmed they were ‘generally satisfied’ with services. At least, according to this news article: http://news.theage.com.au/farmers-not-happy-with-phones-internet/20080228-1viv.html

Sorry, thanks for the wheat, milk, eggs, chicken, beef, and lamb, but a fast internet connection isn’t something you will be looking forward to this year. Try again next year after OPEL have their hands on some good dollars and a network built.

– Alternatively, if Japan’s test of a satelitte based communication service is successful, you might wanna contact them and get connected. Farmers don’t play games or use VoIP, so they should be pretty well right.

Won’t somebody¬†please think of the children¬†farmer’s porn!?


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