Emma evicted from Big Brother

What a surprise.

She’s been evicted. I had her flagged as one most likely to continue right on to the end of Big Brother.

I wonder if the poll had “issues” of some sort? Nah, Big Brother wouldn’t risk the negative media, would they!?

Anyway, with Emma gone, Big Brother is starting to take a different shape.

Aleisha doesn’t have Emma, someone she spent a great deal of time with, and as such might fall over and be somewhere on the next eviction list, that is, unless she is more independant on her own and forms more friendships with others.

Emma being a big personality also will have an affect on a lot of the house, for example, Jamie now needs a new nomination target, as she isn’t there for him to plant his votes on, and he might be voting more strategically now anyway, in the leadup to the finish.

I would have expected the evictees to be Rebecca and Daniela, mainly because Daniela is an intruder and hasn’t been set up as a big personality in the house, and therefore an easy target, as well, Rebecca hasn’t been a favourite housemate really.

The expected Rebecca was saved, however, of all the nominees, I would seriously have thought Emma to be one of the few that would remain.

Andrew might be getting a little more confident in his stay in the house now too, considering he has survived so many nominations.

The bigger question is that Emma doesn’t seem to have done anything different in the week to trigger a eviction vote, so perhaps a few factors came into play.

Such as, the fact that there were a lot of housemates up for eviction, and everyone else assumed like I did that a lot of people would just vote out the boring housemates, Daniela and Rebecca.
Perhaps the voting pool was smaller, and there was a larger density of votes for Emma, due to the lack of votes for others.

Or, perhaps the fact the nominations were based solely on strategy, and people wanted to change the outcome from Emma being a possible winner, after it was exposed that she does a great amount of influencing in the house that changes peoples decisions, and those in favour of Andrew or Jamie winning took the nomination as an advantage to get her out now?

I guess with Emma gone, the house could become a lot more boring, the current residents (aside from the new female entrant ) don’t really place much entertainment in the show.

Travis avoids an argument at all costs.
Jamie – “NOT CRYING”. 🙂
Andrew – Only if it affects him directly.
Aleisha, checking if Jamie is crying.
Zoran – Stuffing his face, a new evictee soon, I imagine.
Joel – Couldn’t make a clown smile.
Thomas – Any more time in the mirrors, he’d know exactly how many strands of hair he has on his head.
Billy – When he isn’t sucking up to Aleisha, I don’t see him much to create any conflict in the house.
Laura – Intruder, she’s safer staying low until she builds up some close relationships in the house to gain reinforcement

As you can see, the lineup of housemates are pretty boring, and they aren’t going to be at each others throats, unless they each provoke each other to do so, and even then, they are too quiet, or “NOT CRYING”, and that’s going to make the show a little more boring.

Of course the above comments are made from a more relaxed view of the show, I don’t watch it too much, but enough to catch any major changes, and the fun that is Friday Night Live.

The new intruders could stir things up a little, but that’d just see them evicted the next time they could be nominated, and with 3 nominees up, its likely that they will be somewhere in the top 3 to go!

So, it could turn boring from this point on, with evictees now receiving cars (Ozooma’s sponsorship expired in favour of Drive.com.au), or it could just become a lot more interesting.

Perhaps the two groups are going to clash together in to one with Emma gone, although, Emma did sort of hold an influential leadership role in the house, so with that gone, others might not be influenced any more, or the opinions change quickly.

The winners I have flagged to win now are in no particular order are Jamie, Andrew, Travis. The others are too quiet and don’t hold enough public attention to get the support required in the final weeks, so they need to spin off some action quick if they want to get some public support to win.

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