Election Time Again

And I’ve got no idea who is worthy of my ‘valuable’ vote.

Personally, I’d make voting a lot of user participation. Then, it’ll become a mess for the politicians to try and convince people that:
A) They are worthy of voting for.
B) That they are also worthy of enrolling / committing to vote for.

This way, people aren’t forced to donkey vote.

It doesn’t stop the issue of populist crap, like the old Kevin 07 garbage that encouraged voters purely due to a catch phrase.

The Chasers War On Everything did a “.. and this person voted” peice in many of their episodes which spot on described the issue. People vote, but that may not necessarily mean they have the intellectual capacity to exercise their democratic right.

I’m also tired of the scare campaigns. WorkChoices was and is one of the most commonly used scare campaigns deployed by political parties.

When you look at the ‘overview’ of what WorkChoices was about, it wasn’t exactly bad. It put the negotiations of wage, conditions, in the hands of employer and employee, under a binding agreement – the way it should be!

We all buy services and products from various organisations, many of which form a contract, even if no physical contract is signed. It shouldn’t be any different in a workplace level.

The argument against this is where larger corporations or immature management are involved, such as Telstra for example, who may not be so willing to negotiate a rate with a singular worker, as an example. But, if that’s the case, surely it wouldn’t be far fetched to have no one signing agreements with that company, forcing the required changes for them to adapt.

That wouldn’t happen though, too many people depend on the nanny state that this country has already become to push them through the most basic things in life..

I’ve looked so far at the Labor and Greens policies, some good, some not so good, some aren’t really policies at all. As I was going through though, I took the view that anything I thought was crap would take them from a 0, to a negative number. Nothing was to ever be so good to get them past 0.

Therefore, the negatives only were counted – this way the stuff that either didn’t matter, or was good, didn’t form part. ALP scored -3, Greens -2.

The vote-o-matic (without seeing any of it’s logic), gave the decision for me, to: Australian Greens, Socialist Alliance, and Australian Labor Party.

Strangely, that did reflect my views upon reading their websites. Socialist Alliance is too pie-in-the-sky to become reality. Australian Greens could get the vote, but on a national scale, it won’t matter much. Australian Labor Party – makes sense to what I’ve heard for policies, but that’s because Abbott, to me, has kept his mouth shut – a lot.

The campaign for Liberal has mostly been (at least in my view), “End the wasteful spending”, and then attacks on Labor. What I want to know – and all I want to know – is what spending will they do ? Where will they invest for our national future? Julia – is at the very least, giving us that in the advertising.

The Liberal website was down for considerable time so didn’t get a chance for a review.

On the note of the election too – Locally, we see very little campaigning by the local members – they have their faces now plastered up around all the streets locally. Some of them on the back streets, but then, I see their faces and wonder – what have they done ? Not enough.

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