Election 2010: Tony Abbott’s confidence

In all the segments of TV and radio, containing Tony Abbott, he doesn’t seem very confident.

What have the Liberal party hoped to achieve by having Tony Abbott as their ‘leader’ ? He lacks the confidence in his answers to simple questions, and as is typical, dodges many of them.

Julia on the other hand is a very confident speaker. Ask her any question and she’s pretty well on the ball with a response, no buzz words, no ‘umm’ or ‘ahh’, just clear responses that address the question.

This is far from a +1 to Julia, it is simply pointing out that Mr. Abbott is a crappy public speaker, could use a bit of confidence and a bit more understanding in the issues he is apparently supplying answers to.

Watching ABC last night, the question was put to him on the thoughts of why does he not approve of the NBN fibre network, when it would deliver faster speeds, far into the future?

His answer was far from addressing the question, he did indicate the investment should be done by commercial entities and the government should be plugging the gaps, but that’s not what the issue being addressed was that it would deliver faster speeds far into the future.

Think of buying a fleet of 2011 cars in December, and replacing them in June because they have 10000ks on the clock. That’s what I expect will happen with wireless in the future, demand will increase, inevitably into the future, the internet is far from being torn down, demand is far from reducing. Growth is inevitable.

Provisioning a network for that is perfect, we won’t have to put much into fibre investment in the future if we put it together now – but he seemed to not capture that point. NBN carries with it many other good points of use to our government.

As the speeds are faster, more and more people can get what they need done without taking the daily commute to the office – this causes less traffic congestion (in theory), and less carbon emissions – saving our Kyoto dollar.

As the speeds are faster, more medicine can reach more places, faster – it is possible for doctors to be doing more remotely for example.

Education – the obvious. Students today already have internet access at a very young age – the internet was still barely breaking in when I was at school – now, it’s pretty much everywhere. There’s masses of content out on the internet, and it’s useful to people of various ages, including students of age 6 to students of age 26. They all have varying interests, all of those can be explored online – with the world as the limiting factor.

To educate future proof Australians they are going to need content that is ‘from the future’ the best way to get that is to get our kids content straight off the world stage, and the best way to do that is via the internet – no postage needed.

I’m sure there are many niche areas of education for example, that can’t easily be met at your local university either – the internet addresses these, this can prompt advances in medicine and innovation.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Tony just didn’t seem to get the concept during the segment of TV – if private sectors do it, they might be more efficient, they might have the better budgeting, but they won’t be looking for the benefits the government gains noted above. They’ll be looking at the almighty dollar. The targets who could benefit won’t get it (price), and those who can get it, won’t benefit from it.

He also dodged an answer surrounding economics, surprise, surprise. He was asked where the funds for paying the debt would be coming from, his answer did not address it – it was phrased to him in different ways.

I’m tired of the political ads. Scare campaigns. I’m more worried though at the ability of people to express their reasons behind their votes. Tony won’t win if you asked me – Julia is likely because of the popular vote surrounding ‘first female PM’. It’ll be amusing to see her as the first PM, be voted out months after. But I doubt it’ll happen.

It’ll be even more amusing if we see Bob Brown were to be our PM! Then again, he does share similar facial characteristics to former PM, Paul Keating. I did Google Image search it to be sure!

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