Effects of cloud cover

Yesterday, I noted the solar system was producing around 1000W maximum, today was different.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The clouds were out in full force today, as the drips show, and the peaks were not ~1000W, but rather, 1500 then 500, as the clouds blocked and unblocked the sunlight.

Hot Water on the other hand is largely not impacted by clouds, because it relies on heat, of which a colorbond roof typically gets plenty of from the Sun (heats up quick, cools down quick).

Winter isn’t the best time to be checking performance, but I’d like for a few more cloud free days like yesterday, to figure out why Solar Power doesn’t reach its peak on cloud free days.

My temperature sensors arrived today, so will try and get those on the Arduino tonight (after getting the new motherboard up and Ubuntu installed on the server), and run a test of having it and the piezo transducer on at the same time.

I pondered earlier today, how it would be nice to have an endless budget and lots of land. Reminds me of a property we noticed on eBay some time back, in a bushland setting – it was tempting, if it weren’t for the location and lack of work such a location would involve.

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