Damned Rain!

There are only good two aspects to the last week of rain, the first is builders generate a lot of wood chips – rain washes them away onto the grass. The second is we don’t have our gross meter installed, so we aren’t losing any generation at the moment (the last step, now that the inverter is finally installed).

The negatives of the recent rain, are we can’t paint the garage door, the front door, back door, or anything. Which delays anything else we want to get done. Also, the rain means our pipe out to the granny flat keeps the ground cold, and that means by the time the hot water gets through the tempering valve, out the pipe, through the ground, into the granny flat, it’s flat out pushing a temp of about 40. That’s got to suck for the person living out there – but they are yet to complain.

The front door needs a coat of paint, it’s previously demonstrated that it will bow if it’s not painted, but with all this rain, it’s hard to get it painted!

If we had a water tank, it’d be great to have rain, but town water is too cheap, and water restrictions manageable for a tank to be desirable or feasible.

We have someone new in the granny flat – the daughter of a friend. It’s amazing the difference between different layouts. If you asked me 3 months ago, I’d have said the granny flat is a cramped, useless space, only fit for someone who really has no life outside a single bed and 34 cm TV.

The layout she has done is awesome, and the place looks much more spacious than I’d have expected. Add to this the place looks overly tidy and I’m surprised this person is a young person, capable of maintaining a space  in that fashion. I suspect part of it is because they’ve just moved in and work a fair distance away – but a surprising effort.

We still have to locate a painter, the interior will need some blinds and curtains. The steps still need a final repair, the front brickwork still might need to be rendered, the gardens at the front remain a pile of dirt – don’t really want to plant with the risk of paint falling into it!

As I look at the clouds outside, I wonder what today’s birthday party is going to turn out like, and what present to get a 5 year old, who proclaimed he wants ‘a real truck, a real car and I don’t know’.

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