CTP Disproportion: A form of ‘Highway Robbery’

CTP is a critical requirement when registering a vehicle, there’s no option that states you choose to wear all costs for driving an uninsured vehicle, and so forth, you are required to have it to register the vehicle.

However, something that amazes me, yet annoys me a lot is the clear differences in CTP costs between Qld and NSW.

In Qld, CTP costs $272 regardless of age, race, sex, religion, or even location.

In NSW, CTP costs vary wildly from $490 to $610 or more for those under 25 years of age.

I ran a few queries on a few sites for CTP Greenslips, and found, if you are 30 or so, the cost of a greenslip falls drastically, compared to that of a younger than 25 year old.

We paid $508 for an AAMI Greenslip, left with no real alternative to escape the $500 ageism hike.

Now, they might say statistics is the reason for it being so high, but this isn’t too believable in my eyes.

Is the statistics of high young driver crashes only high in NSW? Because Qld’s CTP is cheaper for everyone ($272 across the board).

NSW, Greenslips cost around $330 for a 30 odd year old, and $508 for me, a younger than 25 year old.

Why does QLD have them for $272, and here, the cheapest is $330? Why does Qld lack high statistics?

There are more drivers on the roads in NSW, sure, and yet, despite the higher levels of payment, for roads through a state that could possible find itself fitting inside Qld’s land area, we suffer from roads complete with potholes, rough surfaces, and poor planning.

How is that so? Why is it cheaper in Qld, when Qld have a fair heap of young drivers and older drivers?

Shouldn’t we adopt similar to Qld’s model for CTP? And just one flat rate across the board? Why the need to penalise young safe drivers?

I couldn’t possibly count the number of drivers I see, who are over 25, that DELIBERATELY break the speed limit.

It’s 50, they are all doing 60. They are tailgating, they are cutting into and out of lanes at a roundabout, they are talking on the cell phones, they are running red lights, they are speeding. They may not be included entirely in the group doing hoon behaviour, but sure enough, there are a heap of them doing illegal and unsafe activities on our roads, and in all seriousness, probably cause more accidents then those in the young driver category.

We don’t see any return or discount for driving safely, the greenslip charge is the same, and it expires after a year, even if you don’t have a single claim, and they aren’t rushing out to compete to give you a better deal for doing the right thing, they’d rather penalise everyone for a few people doing the wrong thing.

I do my best to be a safe driver on the road, and have yet to come too close to having any form of serious accident, I do my best to make sure I avoid any possible accident by taking safe moves, and watching what every other idiot is doing (no seriously, drive on the road believing everyone out there is an idiot and capable of doing something stupid, you’ll get a different perception), and in doing that, I spot most of the troublesome situations before they occur and avoid them in any way possible.

But, I still don’t get any discount because of my safe driving, I pay the same as all the idiots out there, all the drivers doing stupid, insane activities, like I think I can count 5 or more drivers who have changed lanes without indicating, and cut the driver behind them short placing them into a tailgating move (so they had to slow down to avoid collission).

And I do believe I could count 50 or more drivers who do definitely go over 50 in a 50 zone, and even over 20 in a 10 shared zone.

Do they get penalized, or is it a simple ‘stuff it- the entire age group, or the entire state can pay’?

Is that fair, or should it become more user pays, as the rest of products are these days? I think user pays works best. You drive in an unsafe manner, and it’s reported, up goes your premium.

A device installed in the car detects how fast you are travelling and what roads, each time you break the speed limit by 5k (the ad featuring cars crashing into a truck is enough to demonstrate this), your premium rises and is required to be paid.

Each demerit point earns you an extra rise in your fees.

If you have been driving for a low period of time, or a long period of time, and you haven’t done any driving offences, and haven’t earnt any points towards the greenslip to cause it to rise, then, you pay the base rate.

That way it is more user pays, and less ageism pays.

Why on earth am I penalised because other people who unfortunately share the same age bracket as me are too stupid to drive in a safe manner? Shouldn’t that be the RTAs problem for giving the tards licenses in the first place?

Or do I send the RTA the difference in the bill between my Greenslip, and that of an equivilent safe driver?

It doesn’t seem fair at all to me. It’s very much robbery of an age group, and I am not so certain the figures are audited well enough. How is it possible in Qld to have a CTP policy at $272, and in NSW, $500 is the average for drivers under 25?

It really, really doesn’t seem to be on the mark at all, someone has made a clear stuff up there.


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