Coles and Woolworths not selling Baby Panadol

Here’s an interesting point, Coles and Woolworths do not sell Panadol for babies, not very convienient.

The reason I understand it as being so, is because they could get sued if someone were to buy Panadol from there, and overdose or so forth. Notice they still sell Adult tablets, and the Large bottles (designed for Children over 2+).

Now, just thinking from the lawsuit avenue, what if I couldn’t get Panadol from anywhere else, and they didn’t have it?

Could I sue Coles / Woolworths for NOT having it?

What if someone purchased the large bottle, and gave the wrong dose (of the wrong medicine), could they sue because it was all that was available?

I find the move to not sell Panadol of the baby level a little.. stupid. They are more likely to get sued from the other two pointed out avenues, compared to someone buying it and giving out a overdose.

Also, there’s heaps of chemists around, so, one could theoretically buy from seperate chemists.

I just don’t see why they WOULD NOT sell it for fear of a law suit, there is a more likely lawsuit from those requiring it, or purchasing the wrong product, because the right product was not available – which will likely do more harm, compared to having the actual product available.

The chemists around my local area all close spot on at 5pm. Too bad if you needed some a little after, like we thought of today.

Luckily a Day / Night Chemist a short while over was open til 7pm.

Coles is generally open until 10pm most nights. Woolworths is open until 12am most nights, except weekends, 10pm. The extra hours mean a lot to someone chasing Baby Panadol during those hours after 5pm. It’s simply weird to be excluding all people, because of the very small likelihood of someone being stupid. Actually, if someone were to sue for selling it, I’d tell them to grow a brain, and use it. It’s not a retailers job to judge what people purchase, it’s actually the purchaser’s job to ensure they are buying and using the product for the purposes intended.

I suppose in a world that will sue over anything, not for reasons of “just compensation”, but “for the money”, you can only cover your ass so much, and even in doing so, you open up more holes for others to attack anyway. It’s a difficult area, and no – win, no – fee lawyers who sit up on coffee all day and night to find those loopholes are somewhat the problem.

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