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HOWTO: Configure a Linksys SPA-3102 ATA to a VoIP Provider on ADSL

Here’s a full guide on how to setup a Linksys SPA-3102 VoIP ATA to use a VoIP Provider for ADSL Connections, step by step. Place the SPA-3102 in a place that’s convienient for you, generally next to your ADSL modem … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Set Dial Tones / DTMF Tones on the Sipura / Linksys devices

Some people seem to have this problem, they push buttons on their handset, and their ATA isn’t registering the tones, on the push button tone system (DTMF). Like Phone Banking for example, or choosing menu options. The solution is rather … Continue reading

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VoIP and PSTN Failover

The question remains, will PSTN still have life in it, after VoIP gains greater than 50% market capitalisation? Previously, I have stated that my current stance on this is the PSTN should be always used where appropriate, due to calls … Continue reading

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OzVoIPStatus: Provider Status Logo

I got a designer I know (maty, you legend), to design a logo for users to display on websites about their providers VoIP uptime statistics on OzVoIPStatus. The logos, pictured below, aren’t the finals, however, we are interested in criticism … Continue reading

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100% Free Money. Grab some today.

You can earn some FREE CASH. All you have to do is visit this website, and read this message here: OzVoIPStatus VoIP Monitoring. The offer is simply, send an email, or use the contact us page, and you could earn … Continue reading

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