Care of Property

One point that comes to mind is the maintenance and care of property, be it a rental property, someone elses property, or your own!

My point is to show that care of peoples property is just as important as care for your own.

Would you want someone coming into your house and smashing all the fine china, and walking off?

Would you invite someone into your house carrying a sledge hammer with intent to dint the walls in your new built home?

Their are people in this world who have little care for others or their very own belongings, failing to maintain them to any reasonable standard, or keeping them in a good state.

For example, a property in the same suburb I live in has built on it a house, that appears to have been trashed by some drunken idiots. The address itself seems abandoned, but the house, holes in every wall, many of them at that, the lawns overgrown.

The owners of that property obviously have little care for the property (its not for sale, no one lives in it, its a trashed house, and its fenced off completely). The people who own it aren’t explicitly at fault for the state of the property, the people really at fault are the people who don’t respect other people’s property. The same peices of disrespectful garbage that break 7 in 10 trolleys at your local supermarket in order to gain a trolley bar for purposes of assault (what happened to their fists? Aren’t man enough to use them ? Might break a nail, I guess..).

Anyway the same people would probably scream blue murder if you damaged their own property. But feel quite right destroying the property belonging to others, or failing to look after their own.

Many of us work hard for the posessions we own, and to have them trashed or not looked after others is disappointing, and something that should be better attacked.

I would actually like for once to pull out a shopping trolley, and not have it turn left randomly, or bounce worse then a VW Beetle on NSW Roads.

They can’t be that old or mature, they are scared of using their own fists, and need a trolley bar to do that for them, so where are the parents who are supposed to be keeping them inline? Ignorant? Perhaps they should put the stolen trolley bar to good use, around the theives head!

I would like to use one on a stereo they own for example, and see what the reaction is, leaving the message with, you shouldn’t have damaged someone elses property.

This has been a pointless rant, but none the less, I’m showing a very valid point, that they’ll happily damage other peoples property, but if it happened to them, they go cry like little babies, that they are.

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