Buying Touch Up Paint

I was going to get some touch up paint to fix some of the scratches and marks on the car.

I figure if it’s cheap enough, it’ll help cover up a lot of the rust converter and give it a bit of a better finish.

I do some Googling, searching for touch up paint, note the first result is my search with

I check out the website, it’s pretty slack in terms of information – it’s not very user friendly.

I found the contact page and asked them some simple questions by email:
– How many mLs of paint do the kits have?
– How much coverage do they get?
– Can they get the color code for my car ?

And from the reply, I don’t think they could have tried any less to get my sale, the reply was written by someone who couldn’t care less if I buy from my reading:
“Yes hello
All bottles hold 15 mls.
Thank you for your enquiry
From the team at xxx”

That was the last reply of course, I asked them questions before that, to which the replies made little sense, referring to kits but not answering anything I asked.

I took a last effort at asking if they could get the exact colour and what quantity, and that’s it for them.
I think they need someone with a bit of care answering their sales enquiries.

So the next angle – overseas – why not, I get a lot of other stuff there. I asked a company in the US – the website was good, helped find the right color, gave me a few size / price options – perfect. They don’t ship outside US / Canada. Damned.

We did previously buy paint from Auto One at a local store, but they’ve gone now.

And that makes me then wonder what is it with retail in Australia – is it that the first retailer is right, in that they don’t need to care for customers to get sales – if you were going to buy it, you would have regardless how slack they are at informing you ? Or is it the second, if you can’t get it overseas, you just can’t get it ?
Or, the last – where you could once get it, has closed down shop.

I was also looking towards Super Cheap Auto, but the color I need is Stone Gray Metallic – I can’t find a match in their online search.

I’m sure someone, somewhere can match the colour though, and give a decent amount at a reasonable price. I know I can get clear coat and sandpaper from Super Cheap, along with other rust repair items.

Wait – there are good sales people still in Australia, “Used Car” and “Real Estate”.

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One Response to Buying Touch Up Paint

  1. OzCableguy says:

    I wouldn’t have even attempted to buy paint online. Anywhere local that sells it should be able to match colour for you. The problem with using the original paint code is that it doesn’t allow for fade.

    Yeah, without wishing to be racist by any means, I find it’s very common for a lot of asian folk in particular to only answer the first question in an email enquiry and ignore any others. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing or a language problem.

    A lot of people also still aren’t used to doing business by email and still rely on the phone. I’m the opposite and absolutely loath picking up the phone and give priority and preference to emails so I too get confused and annoyed when I don’t get timely reponses to email enquiries. I guess the other aspect to online retail is that the margins are so tiny that it isn’t worthwhile answering queries on the cheap stuff. You just supply any relevant info online and then leave it to people to buy it or don’t buy it. Still, at least with an email I can copy and paste the specs or give them a link so they can read it themselves, but to ring me an expect me to drop everything to give them a 30 minute lesson in the technology for the $1 profit I might make should they decide to proceed just isn’t worth the agro. Especially if at the end of that they ask you to pricematch some cowboy who undercut you 50 cents and wouldn’t/couldn’t respond to their query in the first place. Grrr…

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