Bush Broadband to push forward

Telstra’s attempt at delaying the OPEL rollout is one which will fail.

Some considerations need to be placed to decide just how far Telstra are going to try and go, to stop any form of regional broadband investment.

Consideration 1: Telstra is the only supplier in Regional areas.
They have a conflict of interest here, in that they were never going to be eligible anyway, as the point of the funding was to provide competition.

Consideration 2: Telstra are wanting to put more consumers on NextG, simply for the fatter profits.

Consideration 3: Coonan’s case is only launched by Telstra, despite the fact that many other consortiums also did not win, yet could have won easily. Telstra is the only one taking it to the courts.
Telstra was never going to be qualified in the first place, the pricing they have is excessive, and from previous experience, Telstra take anything government funded, as its own and still restrict competitors from accessing it, despite being taxpayer funded infrastructure.

— They have how many Broadband Connect and HiBis ADSL2+ DSLAMs, yet these are shaped to limited ADSL1, for Telstra’s own financial gain… They really love thanking the taxpayer and the consumer for their assistance in the purchases, don’t they.. —

Consideration 4: Regardless of whatever avenue Telstra take to put the case into the courts, and however long they keep it there, they will not become the successful tenderer to any bid placed.
Not because anyone dislikes them (wouldn’t surprise me if many did though), but because it’s the competition’s turn now. Telstra had their years of government funding and investment risk management.
It’s how they got themselves to the trillion dollar (and falling) position they are at today. (I say Trillion, because managed right, the national network has the potential to produce that sort of dollars from now into the future, put in the hands of pigs, like Telstra and its shareholders, well, the asset very quickly becomes devalued, not because Telstra are the bad owner for it, but because Telstra have no idea whatsoever about money management and smart investment, just look at the waste of dollars on ADSL2+… They bought ADSL2+ technology, yet only supply it at ADSL1.. Why not just buy cheaper ADSL1 technology? Idiots.)

The point of the tender is to introduce competition to all of the underserved areas, they are only underserved because Telstra serves them at present. Telstra’s service is excessively priced, and poor value.

Telstra’s point with the legal case is to delay the funding to OPEL. They don’t want to see OPEL get building and save all the NextG customers from Telstra’s greedy hands..

Ask yourself, why else would Telstra spend money on a court case that it won’t win, and even if it did, it’s back to the tender boards to redo the tender, and the result.. someone else other than Telstra, getting the funds.?

They have a lot to lose, and they don’t like that idea..

Telstra, the ticking time bomb will explode. Put the matters in the courts all you like, your wasting your own money, eventually, they will be able to invest, and that investment will see Telstra losing revenue and customers.

No point fighting it continuously, and if you think you can try and push it into a political debate, you’ll lose. Howard still has a lot of support, and given the recent exposure the Labor party has had, you can imagine Kevin Rudd isn’t going to bounce back good after the revelation that he well, isn’t exactly the “Family Guy”, and Wayne Swan’s actions recently.

So, your only real count at the moment is that many will believe Rudd’s plan will work… Well, you haven’t got much support from what I can see, when you look at Coonan’s plans over Conroy’s you see a very clear mark that she is doing better by keeping taxpayer dollars in taxpayer hands…

.. All fun and games isn’t it Telstra? Until you waste so much time and money that the competitors end up ahead of you, and your sitting on.. well, court cases and lawyer bills instead of dollars.


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