Broadband Bitchfight

The two words I can think to sum up the arguments frrom Telstra, Labor, Optus and our current government to be somewhat of a bitchfight.

We see Telstra slamming any moves by our government to introduce competitive, lower priced broadband services across the nation.

We see Labor slamming any moves by our current government to working towards a solution.

We see Optus slamming Telstra for its lack of a competitive proposal for FTTN.

We see our current government highlighting Labor’s plan as a waste of taxpayer dollars (rightly so).

We then see Telstra attacking Optus because Optus Australian is owned by SingTel, yet Telstra themselves are managed by foreign racists.

Then Labor attack the current government for the current slow speeds.

Optus and Elders win a $900 million grant from the current government to fix regional areas from Telstra’s excuse of competition.

Coonan ends up in court over a vexatious law suit from Telstra.

And the bitchfight continues.

One thing none of them are fighting for is getting current infrastructure utilised! No one is. Telstra have ADSL2+, but they don’t want to use it at ADSL2+.

Optus has the ability to run more backhaul into regional areas to stimulate investment, but they don’t seem to be doing much out of the way of ADSL2+ investment.

Telstra are too concerned about feeding the greedy pigs that manage the company than they are about getting consumers on broadband through the use of Long Line ADSL.

Labor only care about winning an election, and they’ll spend any amount of taxpayer dollars to do that.

The current government want to be at least seen as doing something to solve the problems of them doing nothing for the last few years with the exception of HiBis and Broadband Connect, which they let Telstra take, and now the taxpayer funded assets sit in Telstra exchanges artificially limited as a way of holding the nation to ransom to get the rights to feed the greedy pigs more dollars..

Maybe if 3 of those 4 got together, things might be less of a bitchfight and more of a co-operative approach towards sorting out the future for Australians, and avoiding needless duplication in the process?

Nah, that’s just too far fetched to become reality. Telstra are too concerned about feeding the pigs, Optus don’t want to become a Telstra dependant company through no fault of their own (many areas in Australia are just not worth investing in). The government want to win the election and at the same time solve many of the issues Australians face.

And Labor don’t have the decency to answer an email sent to them in response to an invitation (maybe they are still stuck on Google for the speeds of ADSL2?).

Where’s the bitching heading next? Where’s the solution in all this bitching about each other, instead of bitching about a workable solution to it all?


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