Bigponds disgraceful marketing

Bigpond have advertisements that they run, and marketing campaigns that they run to attract customers.

Unfortunately, they are generally misleading to consumers on many details.

Some of these are:

1. 200Mb, failing to disclose just what exactly 200Mb is. Many users don’t know this, and besides, to be a fair comparison with the market, it should be 0.2GB. That’s what you are getting, afterall, right?

2. Counting of uploads. Many of the advertisements claim 200Mb DOWNLOADS. This is misleading, as you can’t download something without first sending a request to download it, those requests are uploads. So, if you focus on 10% of your traffic being upload traffic, you are actually getting 0.1GB of download traffic, because 0.02GB of that traffic is upload traffic (and counted).

A recent scenario presented on Whirlpool outlines what someone went through with Bigpond, after being told that his plan would include 25GB of downloads. It’s physically impossible to download 25GB without uploading a single MB, and therefore, misleading.

The thread tells the tale of how a customer was mislead into a CONtract by a marketing representative of BigPond, and demonstrates that no matter what you hear from the phone from the scum staff that claim you get “200Mb of downloads” that Telstra employ, they should never, ever, be relied on for any accurate information. In fact, if they call you, find your younger child, dog, cat, senior citizen, and get them to waste the time.

I do that when I get calls asking for anything other than me personally, and we’ve had some funny ones.

In fact, a fair while back, I was taking calls for someone else, and the phone rang, the remote party asked for the Marketing Manager.

Sweet, I’ll just put him on for you, and the phone shortly later got a lot of dial tones and some cheeky laughs from my little one.

Let me know if your pitch to the marketing manager was successful. I doubt you’ll be getting a sale though.

Anyway, back to it, Bigpond call me, they’ll get similar treatment. They want to mislead customers, that’s fine, I’ll do whatever I can to delay and reduce the results of that misleading.

You know, the reason Australia has such low ratings on OECD, etc, for Broadband speeds? One guess?
The obvious. Many of the signed up customers have been scammed by Bigpond into a 2 year contract with 256k speed.

That’s why we have “disgraceful” broadband services.

It’s not due to a required upgrade to the network.
It’s not due to any other issues, except for one key issue. Telstra’s misleading marketing. They need to come clean. You don’t get, and cannot get 200Mb downloads on the plan. They count uploads, so you simply cannot get 200Mb downloads with 0Mb uploads. To say that you can receive that is deliberate deception of customers. To describe 200Mb as a lot of data to customers is also a deliberate deception.

To try and pass the blame instead of accepting your own misleading marketing as the reason broadband services when compared internationally as a disgrace, is also disgraceful.

Telstra is the disgrace here.

When Murdoch claimed Australian Broadband is a disgrace, the attack should have been clearly targetted at Telstra, the responsible party for it reaching disgraceful levels.


EDIT: Updated to clarify intended meaning of “the scum” – These are the sales staff who tell those that they call, that the plans include “X amount of downloads” – when clearly they don’t as they count upload data.

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4 Responses to Bigponds disgraceful marketing

  1. Sydney Lawrence says:

    Jason your latest comment referring to Telstra employees is so serious as to, I believe,be actionable through our Court system.

    Your claim and statement that Telstra employees are “the scum that Telstra employ” must be extremely hurtful to Telstra employees and should be pursued with legal action against you with the full force of the law.

    Whether this would be initiated by Telstra on behalf of their employees or by class action through legal advice by employees themselves would need to be the subject of legal discussion and I would hope that this will be the case.

  2. The Elite Geek says:

    Did I hit a nerve Sydney?

    My comment has no grounds for any form of legal action, oh wait, the kind that is taken by Telstra, maybe, that’s that vexatious legal action that ends up backfiring and simply costing shareholders a lot of money?

    Wow. Interesting.

    So You think Telstra should take legal action, wasting dollars of shareholders?

    The case would play out something like this:

    Telstra alleges that I wrote “the scum that Telstra employs” – referring to Telstra sales staff and contractors who have been misleading consumers.

    Telstra takes this to court. I demonstrate that Telstra bought such comments upon themselves through their own actions.

    And the case is thrown out again, except Telstra records another strike against their reputation for taking legal action vexatiously?

    Sydney, for someone who recently claimed “I don’t read your blog” – you are doing a fantastic job of NOT reading.

    Telstra can contact me officially, using the comments system on this site, should they wish to do so, explaining why they feel the comments should be removed.

  3. DogWomble says:

    Well, I think it’s personally a very presumtuous statement to make regardless.

    Once upon a time, I was working supporting a Telstra BigPond product. I wouldn’t have called myself ‘scum’, because I at least tried to do the right thing by the users (and was often the recipient of compliments from customers for going the extra mile, some callers even wanted to speak to a supervisor not to make a complaint, but to tell them what a good job I’d done).

    At the end of the day, these people on the phones are not the problem. They are working a job – maybe a crap job but a job nonetheless – so they can feed their families and support themselves. They are doing nothing more than what they are told to do. You can’t blame them for that. The problem is higher up – the people who make the decisions about how things operate – that we should be directing our anger and frustration at.

  4. The Elite Geek says:

    Don’t get me wrong, my comment is not to say ALL Telstra staff are scum, just the ones that can’t seem to provide correct information to customers that they are calling to sell a product.

    It’s misleading to say you can get 200Mb downloads on the plan, because you can’t. You need to upload data to get data. It’s that simple.

    It’s a clear misleading lie. And staff who promote the plans as including 25GB of downloads are clearly misleading customers.

    It’s not entirely their fault though, you are right, the issue with them is the staff lack training, or they are told to sell it as “25GB downloads”.

    The point remains that its misleading and deceptive conduct by the staff members involved. Whether they know they are deliberately doing it or not, remains to be questioned.

    I will actually revise that comment to reflect that it is “staff who sell products as 200Mb downloads”, but I thought it was pretty clear what I was aiming at..

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