Bigpond Cable to go as fast as 30Mbps at September

Telstra, while bitching at the government for not giving into their temper tantrums and linking possible investment by other companies to both, global warming and terrorism, has decided that they will apparently take some of the $4.1 billion flagged for the FTTN network if they become successful, and are using these funds to upgrade their HFC network to 30Mbps.

The HFC upgrade is cheaper than an FTTN network, but suffers from inherent issues.

HFC is a shared medium, which means all data travels down the single cable and shares all available bandwidth. Wait. That line sounds familiar. Wasn’t it used by Telstra in attacking OPEL for using WiMAX due to being a shared bandwidth resource? Well, the HFC network is very much the same.

Foxtel moved to Digital some time ago, and that has left the HFC network open with some spare channels on it for more bandwidth to be provisioned, so this opens the door to them providing faster speeds on the HFC network.

One would assume that, with faster speeds, more data would be available? In perspective, if you have a 12GB Cable connection at 10Mbps a second, and they times the speed by 3 to 30Mbps, shouldn’t the data also increase 3 times, to 36GB?

And considering the technology upgrade is a cost saving upgrade, the price comes down?

Unlikely, but what is the giant of whinging going to fall back on now? HFC is completely unregulated. Anyone signing with cable can do so under their own choosing, full well aware its not regulated, and prices are the core of competition.

That being the case, Telstra still charge $150 a GB on their Cable plans.. And they certainly can’t blame regulation for those prices, so what is to blame Telstra? Greed is the single answer that can apply here.

The whole concept of recent news from Fat Phil:
1. Pick anyone else and you’ll get terrorism.
2. Pick anyone else and you’ll get global warming.
3. Stuff it, we’ll spend the money on the HFC network, let me have FTTN (and we’ll still sue)

… is all just propaganda designed to incite the uninformed into believing his Fat arse.

One could assume with threats of terrorism being spouted by him, and fighting with the government in an unreasonable manner (blackmail, etc) that they would suspend his VISA and deport his sorry arse.

Well, one can still hope. I’m not mean, other’s have wished he would get run over by a combination of bus, train, car, etc. (and the same applies to Sol).

I think they just need to revisit the character he is purporting and determine if its that sort of character that is deserving of a VISA to live, and work in Australia- it doesn’t say hold the nations telecommunications network to ransom…


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