Big Brother: Hayley Evicted

I’m surprised that Hayley was evicted out of Big Brother tonight.

She’s probably the stronger, more louder personality in the house, and could certainly have stayed on longer and kept things rocking along nicely.

Andrew just doesn’t get himself in the camera as much in my opinion, and could probably have done better letting Hayley go along for the trip.

Looking at Demet’s evict list (so predictable), she chose Andrew as her first, with likely reason being putting her up for eviction.

I doubt we’ll see Andrew evicted however, simply due to the popularity associated with him and Hayley to start with, and the common association.

I think this week will see either Rebecca or Nick leaving, and I’m pretty much 50/50 on Nick and Rebecca anyway.

Rebecca because she doesn’t seem to get in the camera enough, and when she does, it’s nothing interesting anyway.
Nick, because the reasons for nomination were centered around his own confession he isn’t being himself.

Andrew is least likely to be evicted, I doubt Demet, Bodie, and TJ could get together and do enough votes to cause a great evict vote.

Nick and Rebecca just aren’t likely to have a lot of Save votes, as I can’t see why anyone would want them to remain, they are both boring, and provide no real entertainment.

I think nominations will be getting harder too if people don’t spark some action in the house as well. Jamie seems to struggle to find some valid reasons to nominate someone, as does Thomas, but amazingly, Emma (BB07’s most nominated), and a few other select housemates aren’t having issues bitching about the other HM’s at all.

Back to Hayley and Andrew, I think they are both in for a tough time, not being around one another is gonna send each other crazy, espeicially going in their with each other, and Andrew going along by himself.

The test of time will be whether he bails out or gets evicted out. He is unlikely to be evicted, as he does have some good aspects, and is very competitive in Friday Night Live. The bail out is likely if the trust or strength in their relationship isn’t strong enough to be able to be distant without contact for the next 2 months.

Hayley is likely to become a favourite for the premium membership to be watching Andrew. I think they’ve both been put through enough, having seen each other have to be completely misleading, but none the less, denying their relationship in front of one another, in a house which is dominated by single male and female housemates of similar age grouping.

I guess the good idea behind Big Brother was that something was gonna tick and a time bomb would go off in that first week. But, nothing did, which is a great representation of the strength in their relationship.

I do hope Andrew goes on to win (I was originally planning they both win), with close second preferences to Emma, and I can’t see why Travis the embarrassed couldn’t go on to be in the finals.

I do believe Emma will remain to close to the finish. Zoran is a keen evict, but the public demand wasn’t there with a 9 – 9% save / evict vote last time he was up, indicating no one could find the need to evict him.

Will be an interesting watch (and I don’t watch much of it), generally I catch Evictions, Friday Night Live (fun!), and Nominations, so I probably don’t watch enough to form solid opinions, but the big personalities are easily identified, and I want to look back on this post when its finished to see how right I was.

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