Back Pain!

The other day, my back started acting up, but not minorly, really badly.

I got home, and managed to put up with it, then went to sleep, the next morning, I woke up and seriously found it difficult to pull myself out of bed.

We made a doctors appointment, and in something that can only be described as a worlds first, they managed to nab one in just 20 minutes time – for a doctor that is normally booked for days in advance.

So, we went to the appointment, and the doctor asked what my job was, and whether I had undergone any strenuous activity.

I figure, well, I doubt the type of injury that is there, could possibly be related to typing around 40,000 keys on a keyboard a day, so there must be something else involved.

He couldn’t seem to figure it out, but prescribed Voltaren tablets. They work wonders!

Really does help relax and get rid of the inflammation from the back, and via what seems to be serves travelling through to my chest.

I guess I somehow have managed to injure my back in someway, possibly lifting an item at one point, and it just settled there til I moved in a position at one point and that triggered it.

It’ll be interesting to see what the X-Rays showed (taken today), and whether there is anything wrong, because I would have thought it to settle down by now.

It makes concentrating on things that much more difficult, because you are trying to focus and the pain kicks in, and you immediately try to find ways to relieve it.

It’s absolutely the worst kind of pain there is of that nature in my opinion. I’m sure there might be a few exceptions, but it really isn’t something you just ‘ignore’.

I could say that something more painful is some of the posters on Whirlpool trying to snipe down OPEL before it even starts on all sorts of ridiculous and invalid points.

Actually, one thing I find rather insane is the amount of people on the internet collectively who are not able to conduct themselves appropriately and construct and participate in a decent debate topic.

They resort to name calling, they resort to all sorts of stupid antics, and that really just demonstrates the poor education that some of these complete idiots have. They really need to be spending the time they are pointlessly trying to push an invalid point, with perhaps a follow up education, so they don’t look as dumb and stupid as they are. Oh well, it’s always a good laugh when you see idiots in groups try and attack someone for having a valid point. It’s actually funny.

But, that’s the wonders of the internet, everyone has their own opinion, everyone has their own points, and when bought to a discussion forum, everyone tends to discuss and follow up on such opinions, with exception, the stupid uneducated lot. They resort to name calling.


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