Back in the corner

I heard back from the company I had applied for a new job with, and was unfortunately, unsuccessful. They had advised it was a difficult decision, and choosing between 1 of 2 people, can be difficult where no one person stands out.

I understand that theory very well. It’s never easy to pick when your faced with two people who may be able to deliver the same. It can come down to money, or on the other hand, experience.

I don’t think I aimed high for the position, in fact, I thought I aimed to be the ‘lowest’ bidder, because changing jobs wasn’t about the money, but rather, finding a job I was ‘happy’ with.

The decision means that I will need to remain in my current position, and either wait for advancement oppourtunities to get away from frontline inventory, or continue to monitor the various locations to locate a more suitable position.

I personally believe I am at an age, whereby it would be expected to have a career plan, and that plan is put in place in terms of previous employment on the resume (not necessarily previous employment, but rather, having that job in place on the resume, will make it easier to get a job in the same arena).

I no longer enjoy customer support, maybe this is due to the different experience and context that I am supplying support – the previous customer support roles have been in positions where I have seen the results of providing quality support. The current position, no matter how good quality I supply, or how high the quantity, the end result will always be ‘crap’.

The above is simply because there is no “I” in team, and many of the setbacks come from knowledge of the previous advertised positions filled by others, and knowledge of the workflow, and ummmm quality.. produced by others. There’s no incentive for me to perform better then those who are paid more, and whilst not absolutely certain, even if I was paid more, I doubt there’d be a lot I could do to increase the appearance of the support supplied.

I do regularly get at the moment, that I am the most helpful person they have spoken to, after of course, 6 or 7 calls. I’d publish case studies, but I’m not keen on identifying or shaming anyone. I simply cannot perform where the others around are continuously ‘undoing’ and ‘reversing’ the service level quality.

So, here I am, back in the corner, answering the calls, assisting the n00bs, resolving the real issues, and fixing the f#$kups – tho I try not to now, I think that if I don’t sort them, then it’s someone elses problem to find and fix.

I’m still pushing forward on my own personal projects, but the measurable results of those are reduced due to the time consumption involved in supplying the resolutions, and assisting the n00bs. Though, the equation of ‘personal projects’ requires ‘personal income’ – this is of course reliant on the fact that I am outputting assistance and resolutions.

The new year may look a little more interesting. I might even get time to have a holiday this year for the first time in.. 4 years. That’ll be interesting with a child, should be fun.

Back in the corner.

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