Apple Airport, Securing the wireless network

… Or so I meant.

Today, I was discussing with someone, how to connect a router to their ADSL modem, and then setup wireless.

I figure that’s not really that hard, so set about helping him out. The PC was nice and easy to setup, though I did think his purchase of TP-Link (Toilet Paper Link) equipment for his PC was a bit out of place, the software provided was easy.

The problem then came when he mentioned he had an Apple PC he wanted to work with wirelessly, using his Airport card.

I figure, great, here comes a pain. Apples. I cringe at the thought of them. Mainly because I have never used them heavily outside of when I was younger. But, he seemed like a confident enough user, so I gave it a shot.

My first tip for advice is what I tell all else who ask questions likely to have popped up before. We wanted to secure his Apple Wireless network.

My thoughts were, I’ll google. I visit the google page. It loads as expected.

I click in the keyword box, and type in none other than “airport +security”.

Unfortunately, Google failed in my search for Airport Security for Apple, and instead, returned results for, you guessed it. Airport Security. I suppose you get what you ask for.

So I clarify my query further with a +apple, and get some results, but at last, it wasn’t needed, the person worked out where to find what we were roughly looking for in Safari, and then just following that through, we found what we wanted to connect to the secure network.

An amusing experience, when you consider that the security of a Wireless Network is no where near that of an actual Airport. And more so, apples chosen wording, Airport, for wireless networking.

In other unrelated news, it appears to me, though, not updated on many sources for information, Long Jetty has ADSL2+.

That was pretty quick deployment.
My purchase of such is not entirely impulse, but you see Gosford being full for as long as I have, and you don’t risk it. To get away from Telstra’s restricted ports is a very good Happy New Year present for me.

I anticipate nice speeds of 10Mbit inbound, and around 820kbps outbound, giving a much better improved VoIP service, and allowing me to move datafiles to and from the servers faster (around 3 times faster).

I guess if you are with Telstra, you are living it in the slow lane, but in many cases, its not by choice, it’s by lack of choice.


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