An Electric Car

The concept behind moving from a petrol driven engine to an electric car is amazingly simple (when you remove all the safety aspects):

– Pull out the current petrol engine.
– Source an electric motor, lithium batteries, thick cabling, motor controller, and charge controller.
– Remove fuel tank, fuel lines.
– Create battery bank storage where fuel tank was.
– Run cabling to engine bay, installing motor and charge controllers.
– Fit electric motor to transmission after having custom plate made to mate the motor to the transmission.

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That’s the key items that are needed to do a basic conversion – ignoring the motor mount for the electric motor, the work involved in getting the motor controller working, and so forth.

There are plenty of the conversions out on the internet that I’ve looked at and pondered the logistics involved in starting our own conversion.

There are many factors at play that simply make it not worth while – the batteries are good for 3 years typically, they cost around $2000 for a decent range (around 100k). After this, they need to be replaced.

That alone is a reason enough to think twice about it.

You need to find a good body, not one with rust, one that will clean up nice and be pleasant to drive, the older models of vehicles are typically easier than newer models. Weight must be a key consideration.

There are plenty of alternatives to an electric car – such as reducing fuel consumption in the current car by making it more efficient, or, getting a bike with a kid carrier on the back to allow transport to school, shopping and so forth, or convert the current car to LPG.

I thought of these but haven’t yet convinced myself of either of them – the bike sounds good, but it is a longer transport method than the car, meaning what the car can accomplish in around 5 minutes, the bike would take longer. Time is something that would need to be considered if it were me doing the riding.

Converting the car to LPG is something I’m not liking, for it seems to be bad for the internals of the engine, but the fuel itself is far more viable and sustainable than the ethanol crap that is being forced upon us (and typical governments never consider that it actually requires more energy to produce ethanol than that is taken out of it.. dumb and stupid).

Making the current car more efficient – I’ve been reading for a short while now, and the amount of changes some of them have pulled off are sheer amazing. Admittedly many of them are focussed at long range driving – most of our trips are very short trips – right up the alley of an electric car – if it weren’t for it’s wasteful batteries, it’d be perfect.

A bike with kid carrier seems like the best compromise – except it is limited, for if we all want to go out, we need the car, if we are going medium range (think Bunnings, or Gosford – i.e. 20ks), then we’ll need the car. But most of the trips would be satisfied, with the bike – excepting it’s time component for I need to be able to get back to work reasonably quickly – impossible on a bike I think. I’m yet to consider average travel time so maybe it needs more thought. I’m not seeing it yet.

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