A new job, a busy week.

As you can probably see, the last week, I haven’t been able to do much in the way of posting to my blog.

This is related to a new job I have taken with a prominent Australian company.

I’ve found working there to be an absolute pleasure. The trips to Sydney this week were good, the pain of being stuck at 90KM/h is a real pain on long trips like to Sydney and back. I think they should really do away with speed limits on such licences on Freeway conditions where fatigue might be more of a danger than a ‘Provisional’ driver doing 110KM/h.

I definitely want to get a car with cruise control, if I ever find myself doing long trips. The constant feeding of fuel to the car becomes a bit tiring on a long drive.

The TomTom GPS, works good. It does have a few issues though, for example, travelling along the Freeway at North Sydney, I found it was beeping at me for speeding in a loud manner when I was infact doing 80. It thought the limit was 60. You can never rely 100% on technology.

The job realises a lot of my skills in networking, and was put through a test today when I assisted a user to network an ADSL modem to a router, and join his network to that.

Why do I do that? Well, when a user gets something working from the help they get from you, and they are thankful for it, it’s a good achievement. The user learns a little something new, something you consider simple has benefited someone else greatly, and the user is happier as a result of it.

One of the big annoyances on the trip home were trucks really. Not that they were annoying, but rather they would overtake, and of course, a hill up ahead sees them barely pushing 40. I can climb a hill at 90, so why would they overtake! But, even more annoying were the numbers of people who think a lane change involves nothing else but a quick flick of the indicator, turn it off, and just .. change lane. Hey. Who cares if the person on the other side can’t realise what you are doing.. Stupid people.

The job, again, great job. I get to do it from home now, which means no more waking up early to zoom down to Sydney and get to work half an hour early.

Another item I noticed, in North Sydney. A 1 hour lunch break. Sweet. I get 1 hour to do whatever I want with. Early bird parking means I can’t take the car anywhere, so I have to use that 1 hour in North Sydney. Hmmm.. Nope. Not a lot can be done with 1 hour in North Sydney. Personal opinion? Lose the 1 hour lunch break. Probably not the popular opinion though!

I believe I’ll be a efficient, productive asset to the new company I work for. I’ve been very excited since, well, weeks before I started the job, and still am excited, even after working the first week already.

I won’t name names, I have a simple reason for this, to maintain my own privacy. It’s a good company though, one which has shown itself to grow continuously, and rivals other larger companies. It is an absolute pleasure to be working with this specific company, a very enjoyable company to work for. No, it isn’t Google.


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