A different approach

Some things can be complex and complicated, others simple and obvious.

Approaching the simple and obvious issues is easy, the solutions to them generally present themselves, or take very little consideration. Complex and complicated matters will always deserve careful thought and checking around every corner for what might be the ‘real’ solution, as opposed to a 30 second patch.

However, not everything simple and obvious is easily resolved, if you have your head closed to alternative solutions, and that appears to be the case in many situations all too often. It’s not always easy to hold an open mind to the issues faced, and some reactions to events can be ‘snap’ reactions – little thought goes to them, and the reaction can indeed be completely incorrect and wrong.

There are a few reasons I identify the above, and it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that the approach taken to resolve some of the issues faced, that an alternative approach could get very different results to the previous consistent approach that was taken in the 12 months prior.

Maybe it’s because when something works for a short time, it wears off and the approach then needs replacing, or maybe the original approach was wrong to begin with.

Either way, a change in approach has bought about positive results, and it’s opening the mind to the different method that’s bought about those positive (so far) results.

I’ll have to try and clear my head more often – I can see a correlation between the time spent on work, the time spent doing other activities. Time remains the resource of most desire.

Unfortunately, we can’t slow the planets rotation, so the only other way to gain time, would be to be more efficient… if that’s even possible.

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