A Christmas Present!

Initially, I had an idea to make a RC Chopper for our oldest to fly around, it wouldn’t take a lot, as I have wireless receivers and an Arduino from our Solar Hot Water monitoring setup that I’m now rethinking as I can’t seem to get it’s power under control (the batteries last 3 – 4 days now).

Then, an MSN message came on Friday.

“Do you think you can make something?” (seriously, what kind of message is that to send me.. of course I can make something).

So I ignore it, continue working, and after work, the idea is demonstrated to me in detail – make a custom play ‘kitchen’ for the kids.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I ummed and pondered about it, responded that several regulations that are there to protect kids toys would get in the way, considered the ‘screw the regulations’ type response, and said OK anyway.

The Kitchen for the kids to play with will make for some fun, the kitchen will contain a stove top, wall oven, fridge, freezer, microwave, pantry – everything including the kitchen sink.

It’ll get made with some MDF cut to size, and painted up with some small tubs of paint, given the chance to dry in the shed, and both kids will be more than overjoyed come christmas morning!

Maybe I need to rethink the design on this some more, chuck in some LED lights for the cooktop, and a small piezo buzzer for the microwave to give off the hum they make with switches built into the hinges, to make it seem more lifelike.

Speaking of making things, there was a toy ad on TV today, showing a kid cutting up some sort of foam / fake wood. What is with that? Get the kid some parental supervision, non structural pine off cuts, a saw, some nails, a hammer and build with REAL wood!

The Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and fake wood shall remain on the display stands, we’ve got board games and some other toys for the oldest, blocks and some dolls for the youngest, and the Kitchen for them both!

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