A challenge

I like a challenge – whatever form it comes.

I’ve got little to do lately, I work, I sit with the kids, I try and force the dollars owing on the house down further.

I try and make work a challenge by finding problems and looking for solutions to those problems, I try and find the more challenging work so that I can have something to think about and resolve. For me there is a ‘no dial tone’ issue, and a ‘intermittent speeds issue’ – I’m going for the speeds issue, I don’t care for the simple dial tone problem.

And I look at our banking, and try and find areas to reduce spending to force our home to be paid within the self imposed 8 year time frame – it’s looking good, but it’s needing some more force, which at the moment is going to need more input.

But, that’s all nothing – I have my own time, and it’s somewhat spare, I have little to do.

And networking, I’ve pretty well dried up what I want to know there for now. I can use Cisco routers for QoS, routing, Netflow via ntop, ACLs. And the other aspects of networking – DNS servers, web servers, VoIP.

And web development – I can’t say I’ve reached anywhere near a good level here, but I’ve made a lot of roads into it, I’m just lost for a new challenge. I could finish the OzVoIPStatus website design and features I have started, but .. interest in that site isn’t running high, both from me and users viewing the site – lack of updates, and the content there isn’t dynamic enough.

On one hand, I wanna tidy this place up a bit more – expand the granny flat, add another storey, landscape the gardens, paint the walls, make an underground car park.. But that’s conflicting with our 8 year pay off target, which will save us more long term..

On the other hand, I could lose a few kilos from the ‘stress’ of working at home, so that’s a ‘challenge’ that seems to require more pressure than I have clear motivation to throw at.

Maybe that’s where my efforts could be focused.. But then – I’m not willing to throw a lot of money into that either.

I’m bored.

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