2Clix, as predicted, withdraws

As I predicted would happen (who didn’t ?), 2Clix withdrew its Statement of Claim against Simon Wright, Whirlpool Owner.

They didn’t exactly state reasoning for withdrawing, but one can safely assume the withdrawal is a direct result of all the negative attention they received solely for attempting to take Whirlpool’s owner on in the first place.

Only an idiot would do such a thing!
Telstra seems smart enough to not do such outrageous stunts.

I have to only begin to wonder how we could calculate a full total of the resulting damages 2Clix suffered as a direct result of them threatening to sue Whirlpool’s owner.

You’d consider that current customers of 2Clix would also be made aware and somewhat annoyed, and even cancel / demand a refund after discovering this, so they aren’t supporting such a company.

In similar news though, Telstra’s OPEL court action is reported to be “futile” after revelations were made from Telstra internal documents that they had intended to lose the bid for Broadband Connect, simply to kick up legal action.

Telstra’s own document states that they had trouble spending $491 million, and even if they had access to further funds beyond $600 million, they’d have trouble spending the money, and simply put in a bid that was sure to fail so it could get legal action.

The motives for this are various.

1. To delay the decision to after the election.
2. If they won, a nice quick cash kick for doing pretty much nothing.
3. If another ISP won, the legal action could potentially review the areas they propose to enable with broadband technology so Telstra could prepare itself.

Telstra had no real intention of bidding, as is echoed through Fat Phil’s comments in the media at several stages of the process.

The bid was simply to delay AFFORDABLE broadband services reaching regional users, and Telstra was happy to do this so they could prevent competition entering the market, and maintain its monopoly stranglehold that is weakening in metro areas around the country due to Optus making a better offering.

You can picture Sol in his office now. “Those pesky Optus marketing folk have no idea how to be greedy like us. They have no idea how to sell expensive products, and bend consumers over for all they are worth. They aren’t competition.”.
Then he whispers to Phil: “Quick, get onto marketing, each time a user leaves us for Optus, offer them a better deal.”.

And so the rounds continue. Telstra is using new tactics to try and attack back at Optus with an offering that it would publicly claim not feasible to offer.

Telstra are hypocritical on many levels, and anyone who can take a single word out of their mouths as anything but lies seriously needs to pull their head out of the sand. Their own documents reveal exactly what the inside of Telstra is at the moment, a political campaigning, anti competitive, monopoly desperately clutching at straws to prevent the inevitable competitive prices from happening and therefore lowering its profit forecasts, and therefore shareholder value.

Oh well. It was bound to happen. Time to move on Telstra. Act your age.. Wait, that’s fairly old. That must explain why the company has been presenting itself like an old fart.. Because it is!


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