Cleaning the car: Clay Bar works!

I’ve finally got around to starting on protecting the paint on our 2003 Pulsar, and gave the body a once over with a clay bar to see if I’d get any good results from it.

I started on the boot, and figured if it takes too long, I can get the other sections of the car later (we raced the sun since we don’t have any shaded spot at our place – not a bad thing really, no dead patches of grass – even where we want no grass).

After giving the boot a once over, I got the wax out and waxed it as well – after doing this, the boot was noticeably smoother and the paint seemed clearer (not a grey/blue black, but a black black – Super Black).

I then started on the drivers side from the boot to the front fender and that also got a positive result, however it did help find a few stone chips too that need painting up now. I applied the wax anyway, and then noticed that was far smoother.

As it is now, I can run my hand across one side of the car and it glides smoothly, on the other you can feel the difference.

I will be doing the roof and other side soon, and the bonnet will get it’s chance after the numerous stone chips are all corrected (stone chips have to be the worst I think, building up paint in a large chip has to be easier than what I think stone chips will be ).

I didn’t go into it expecting miracles, but I’m impressed. I think we might keep it away from car parks now – walk the groceries home to keep the paint in good nick Full Article.

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